Temperature and Humidity Sensor - I2C

Temperature and Humidity Sensor - I2C

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The I2C humidity/temperature sensor is a 5 pin CMOS device that provides accurate, reliable and fast temperature and humidity sensing in a small form factor. The only connections that are needed are SDA, SCL, VCC, and ground. The lower voltage use, coupled with the low energy dissipation makes this an ideal solution for mobile temperature/humidity sensing applications where battery life is a concern.

This product has uses in many different fields:
• Thermostats, mobile and line powered
• Respiratory therapy
• Monitoring micro-environments
• Auto climate control

There are many features that set this product apart from the competition: this board works with voltages ranging from 2.1V to 3.6V; utilizing the Si7005-B-GM1R IC, this board draws a very small amount of power (240 micro Amps when sampling humidty); convenient I2C bus protocol; accurate to +/- 1 degree C over whole temperature range, with +/- 0.5 degree C in normal "room temperature" ranges; relative humidity accuracy from 4.5% RH; this module is light weight; includes all pull-up resistors - no extra components needed.