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Magnespot xr-1000 k2
If your job requires you to blindly drill holes, chances are at some point you've put your drill bit somewhere it doesn't belong. If only someone created a tool that gives you X-Ray vision and you knew exactly where your drill bit was going before you even pulled the trigger. Well in fact someone did.

Simply install the transmitter where you want your drill bit to come out. The receiver will start loudly beeping when it is within 2.4 m of the transmitter so you'll know you are close. When you are within 1.5 m, the 4 directional arrows will light up and guide you to within 12 mm of your transmitter! It is truly like magic.

The applications our customers are using the XR1000 for grows daily. It works on floors, walls, ceilings, concrete, metal, wood, plaster, drywall, virtually any surface!
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Really Well Crafted Tool Bag

I'm on call for cleaning services & every bag kept breaking, spilling/wasting cleaners. Extra Large Carpenter Tool Bag holds the all upright & fits so many! Comfortable handle to carry also!

Chris B.

Definetely What I Need

Driver ID RFID Tags and Cards worked perfectly for my needs. I am very happy to have found them in Black, as I have been looking for colors other than the blue that came with my writer.

Vincent C.

Amazing Little Device

Dart2 4G LTE tracks within a huge range, extremely accurate and would reccomend to anyone wanting to track discreetly and efficiently! If you're looking for a GPS tracker, stop looking and buy this one. You won't be disapointed.

Pauline Z.