Magnespot XR1000-K2

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Long Range Reference Point Locator, w/Carrying Case & Adhesive

If your job requires you to blindly drill holes, chances are at some point you've put your drill bit somewhere it doesn't belong. Our customers are continually telling us horror stories of drilling into bathtubs, water pipes, and one even drilled into a grand piano. If only someone created a tool that gives you X-Ray vision and you knew exactly where your drill bit was going before you even pulled the trigger. Well in fact someone did, the clever minds over at LSS engineered the MAGNESPOT XR1000 for this exact headache.

Imagine having a sixth sense that allowed you to see through walls; like X-Ray vision. That is exactly what the XR1000 offers technicians. Simply install the transmitter where you want your drill bit to come out. The receiver will start loudly beeping when it is within 2.4 m of the transmitter so you'll know you are close. When you are within 1.5 m, the 4 directional arrows will light up and guide you to within 12 mm of your transmitter! It is truly like magic.

The applications our customers are using the XR1000 for grows daily. It works on floors, walls, ceilings, concrete, metal, wood, plaster, drywall, virtually any surface! While the majority of our customers will be using this unit for drilling, it can be used for anything where you need to find a location through a structure that prevents you from seeing the other side.


  • Drilling Through Exterior Walls: Eliminate the possibility of drilling into Exterior Live Power Lines or Water Pipes
  • Drilling From Attics/Basements into Wall Cavity: Eliminate the guesswork of fishing walls!
  • Drilling on Angles/Corners: Great for CCTV Cameras and Satellite Dishes!
  • Finding Reference Points in Complicated Constructions: Eliminate headaches when Jobsite has no measurable reference points!
  • Finding Reference Points in Commercial Buildings: Find reference points floor to floor while working in Commercial Buildings



  • Maximum Distance: 1500 mm
  • Audible Range: 2400 mm
  • Receiver Accuracy: 12 mm @ 500 mm
  • Transmitter Battery Type: 9V Alkaline (included)
  • Transmitter Battery Life: 4 Hours
  • Receiver Battery Type: 9V Alkaline (included)
  • Receiver Battery Life: 4 Hours


Kit Includes:

  • Magnespot XR1000 Transmitter
  • Magnespot XR1000 Receiver
  • Quantity 2 9V Batteries
  • Tac Adhesive
  • Operation Instructions
  • Carrying Case